Is the end of tenancy cleaning expensive?

Is the end of tenancy cleaning expensive?

Tenancy agreements usually have the clause ‘’end of tenancy cleaning’’. This is done to return the property to the landlord in the state it was initially rented. Some landlords settle for end of tenancy cleaning done by their tenants, whilst others are much stricter and expect professional cleaning agencies to do it. If you have a landlord that wants a certificate issued from an end of tenancy cleaning agency proving the cleanliness of the property, then you probably already started researching different agencies and checking their prices.

It is not easy to say how much end of tenancy cleaning can cost you

It depends on many factors one of which, and probably the leading factor, is the property size. You can find prices ranging from 80 GBP for studio flats, without including the carpet cleaning, to prices as high as 300 pounds for 4 bedroom properties, including the carpet cleaning.

Although most cleaning agencies will offer you set prices, there are factors that can boost the price up. Standard end of tenancy cleaning includes the cleaning of every area of your property without cleaning the carpet. However, every additional request you may have will likely cost you extra. For example: carpet cleaning, deep oven cleaning, using special cleaning products not included in the standard range the cleaners normally use, etc. Landlords do not always require carpet cleaning, so it is advisable to read your tenancy agreement carefully. This way, you are not going to end up paying for a service you don’t need.

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The success of your end of tenancy cleaning would probably dictate whether you will get your deposit back. If the landlord is not pleased with the state of the cleaning, they will likely knock off some money from your deposit. To avoid this, the positive reviews should guide you left by customers, rather than the price. Cheap services are not always better. Choose a company, which will provide you with a guarantee and issue you a certificate for cleanliness.

So, before you book a cleaning appointment at the end of your tenancy agreement, you will need to check out the cleaning company you have chosen.

Has it been in business long and has excellent reviews by customers? Is it insured and does it offer a customer satisfaction guarantee? Does it issue certificates for cleanliness? Does it use ecofriendly cleaning products, thus reducing allergies? All these are contributing factors to the service you will get. Don’t settle for second best! It is better to spend some time researching and comparing, rather than being sorry afterwards. Your reputation as a tenant is very important, because you will need a positive recommendation from your landlord for your next property.


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